At Kirn we celebrate success both in school and out. We look for opportunities for staff, pupils and parents to be able to experience achievement.


At Kirn we give every pupil the opportunity to achieve an award through our weekly award assemblies. Awards are based around our values of Kindness, Inspiration, Respect and Nurture.  The awards are given by members of staff who can see and hear our values in our pupils throughout the school.

Times table challenge

Our P3 and P4 pupils work very hard and enjoy the challenge of of learning their times tables by the end of the year.  


Every year our P6 and P7 pupils get the opportunity to experience a wide range of outdoor activities through Benmore Outdoor Centre. Pupils are encourages to use a range of skills including problem solving, resilience and team work. 

Word Millionaires

At Kirn we use Accelerated Reading to encourage our readers to become independent self motivated readers.  Our pupils are able to pick books that they enjoy and best of all that are suited to their individual ability level. 
Pupils have shown this self motivation and enthusiasm for reading through the achievement of word millionaire which means that they have read over 1 million words.