The Library

The Library at Kirn Primary has been relocated into a big welcoming room located near the office, nursery and P1 classes.  A new library software system, a classification system and new shelving has been purchased thanks to the generous support of the PTA.  

A very well supported book fair has made possible the purchase of almost £800 worth of books, many more have been donated by parents. 

Now that there is a clearly identifiable library we are looking at using it with all classes on a regular basis.  While in the library, children would choose a new book to take home, but would also take part in a programme of activities designed to help them to use and understand their own library and other libraries.  

They will also take part in activities designed  to improve their information handling and research skills to help them become independent learners, including looking at fiction books and deciding how to evaluate and select a book, different styles of writing, authors, looking at non-fiction books and other sources of factual information, evaluating those sources and using the information to best advantage.

Some P6 pupils are also taking part in a once-weekly lunchtime library club, where they are classifying, labelling and organising the bookstock and the Library, encouraging them to feel that it is their Library.  As far as possible, all suggestions from pupils are taken on board, and pupils are already visiting the library of their own accord to take a book during wet breaks.