Vision Values and Aims

‘A vision articulates a view of a realistic, credible, attractive future for the school, a condition that is better in some important ways than what now exists.’

The vision of the school gives it energy, helps set the direction of corporate strategy and gives employees an ambitious goal to reach towards. Our vision is:


Fulfilling our potential by learning and working together.

If vision sets out what the school intends to achieve, then mission is the school’s reason for being. Many organisations choose to communicate their mission through a mission statement. This should be brief, inspiring, distinctive, specific about what the organisation wants to achieve, and last but not least, credible, so that all stakeholders will get behind it. Our mission statement is to:


Achieving excellence through an inspirational, varied yet balanced education.


Values are the beliefs and moral principles that lie behind the school’s culture. Values give meaning. While values can vary widely from organisation to organisation, they should articulate what they truly believe in, and whom it has responsibilities to. Our values are:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Achievement
  • Inclusion
  • Honesty
  • Teamwork