Story sacks

Story Sacks were introduced a few years ago and have proven to be a great success, enabling us to offer a diversity of families the tools and encouragement to develop literacy skills, build confidence and improve parent support and involvement. Through Story Sacks we can reach a variety of children of all disciplines and age levels in hopes that we can be an integral part in making every child's potential a reality.

A Story Sack is a large bag containing books with supporting materials to stimulate reading activities and make shared reading a memorable and enjoyable experience. The sack can contain soft toys of the books main characters and props that parents/carers can use with the children to bring a book to life regardless of the adult's abilities. All the sacks are themed and contain materials with an educational value. This may include a fiction and non-fiction book; an audiotape; a language-based game; a parents guide along with questions to ask to extend the reading activity and increasing the enjoyment of the learning experience.

Each item within a sack not only offers rewarding fun & enjoyment but more importantly everything has an educational value. Therefore encouraging learning through play. These skills include: reading, speech, interaction, communication, co-ordination, writing, use of imagination and greater understanding.

This is a valuable resource for families and the community as a whole and we are dedicated to promoting health, well-being and education, as education enables us to make an effective contribution to society in our present and future lives.


About Us

We are a diverse parent based reading development group. We have all volunteered to dedicate our time and make a commitment to a project that we feel will benefit all children along with the local community.